Debra Weninger Design


Debra Weninger designs contemporary furniture and lighting pieces that blend clean lines with accents of organic texture.



Close-up of Duneland pendant fixture metal

Someone once asked me if


I’m an artisan


or a furniture designer.


I smiled and said, I'm both.

I launched my collection in 2009 with the goal of creating contemporary furniture and lighting that blends clean lines with accents of organic texture. I’m inspired by combining ideas and materials in a way that produces something unique.

I believe in the power of proportion – that sometimes, a quarter of an inch can mean the difference between well-done and stunning. That not only the mass of a piece, but also the void, informs balance. I think it’s vital to understand how light will manipulate a fixture as well as how a fixture manipulates light.

Driven by passion for the creative process and unwavering attention to detail, I’m proud to partner with American craftsmen who share my commitment to perfecting every form. We inspire each other. We know that design is iterative – sometimes we’ll start at one place and end up at a better one.

It’s important to embrace the process, and to know that it is a process. One that leads to endless possibilities.